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User Files supports the uploading, storage and viewing of documents related to users in our system. These files could be referee licenses or credentials, certificates related co coaches, etc. There are limited types of documents that can be uploaded:

  • Images, such as 'jpeg', 'gif' or 'png ' files
  • Documents, such as 'doc', 'docx', 'rtf' and 'txt files
  • Excel spreadsheets, like 'xls' and 'xlsx'

Files may be uploaded either by a user for themselves, or by a league officer for users that are associated with their league. Files are uploaded from the Edit User page. To upload files for yourself, you get there by clicking on Edit Personal Info at the top of your home page.

As a league officer, to upload files for some other user in your league, you get there from anywhere you can edit that user. For example, if you are a Referee Coordinator, you can go click on Referees under that role on your home page. There you can click on the name of any referee to go edit that user. Likeswise, as a League Administrator or Match Secretary, if you are looking at a list of teams, the name of any coach showing up in the list can be clicked on to edit that user.

Many league officers can also go to Edit Users from their home page, search for a user and click on the radio button next to the user's name to edit them. They can also view the list of all the league's users and, in that list, click on a user's name.

On the Edit User page there is a box near the bottom called User Files. If any files visible to you have been uploaded, they will be listed there. In any case, whether or not there are any files showing, there is a button to Work on User Files. Clicking that takes you to another page to do just that

On the Edit User Files page, if the user has any uploaded files that are visible to you, they will be listed by name, with a description, an optional Expires field, an indication of whom they were uploaded for, who uploaded them, and the date and time they wre uploaded. In addition, there is a View button to view the file. If the file is deletable by you, there is also a Delete button.

On this page there is also a form to upload a file -- below the list of files, if any. There you can select a file from your computer to upload, give it a description, and an optional expiration date, if appropriate, as for a license or some similar document. If you are uploading a file for yourself, you can also specify if it should be visible to everyone, or just a particular league.

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