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Move Games

Move Games is a powerful feature that allows you to manage your schedule more efficiently. It is particularly useful for:

A. Rain/Snow outs
B. Fine tuning a complex schedule where sets of games need to be moved to accommodate constraints with field availability.

You can perform edits to a set of games on the same date at one time. It can be a set of games on a division schedule page or on a field usage page. Play with the Form below to see your options.

Example: Managing a Rain Out

Say you have some rain on game day and Donovan East is too muddy to play. You don't yet know when the games can be made up. Go to View Field Usage, click on Donovan East and select Move Games on the game day. Change Status to Postponed and add the comment "RAIN OUT".

Later, when you decide the details of making up the games, go back to View Field Usage, select Move Games, enter the new date, and add a new comment. You have the option to erase the old comment by selecting Replace Existing Comments. You can also fine tune the move by changing the field or individual game times.

NOTE: If any referees have requested an assignment to, or been assigned to, any games for which you change field, date, or time, a pop up window will ask you if you wish to keep or drop the referees.

         Auto-Email/Text Enabled     

  Enter a new status to change status, otherwise enter a new date to move the checked games.

  The times and field(s) can also be changed.   

  (If no new time is entered, the time will remain unchanged for that game.)   

  Change Status To:

  Change Date From Saturday May 10, 2014 To:   e.g. 5/17/14   
  Add Comment:   (e.g. Rained Out)
                                 Replace Existing Comments
move? game id home vs. away time new time?
  144445 Dolphins vs. Hurricanes 8:00 AM   
144446 Hotshots vs. Madness 9:15 AM   
144447 Quakes vs. Sharkettes 10:30 AM   
144448 Bandits vs. Blast 11:45 AM   
         Auto-Email/Text Enabled     

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