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When you log in to a session on Auto-Email/Text is turned on by default. This means that email and text is sent out automatically when you perform certain functions. The following is a list of those functions and who is sent messages:

Function Email/Text Recipients
Game Edited
(time, date, venue, status)
Team Officials
Referees request assignment Referee Coordinator
Referees assigned Referees
Referees Dropped
As part of game edit
Schedule Published Team Officials, Match Secretary, League Admin

Sometimes when making a series of changes it is desirable to not send any email or texts until all of the changes have been made. Auto-Email/Text can be turned off during a session on the following pages: Edit Game, Swap Games, Move Games, Division Schedule, and Make Schedule. See example below.

When Auto-Email/Text is turned off, it is off for the whole session unless turned back on. When it is turned back on, any email or text that would have been sent is NOT sent out. You must manually compose messages and send them to desired parties. This can easily be done from the Send Email/Text page.

  Select a Game from each column to swap slots (field and times will be swapped)  
1 2 Game ID Saturday June 21, 2008
    144592 Trees vs. Sharks   9:00 AM   Beasley East  
    144593 RoughRiders vs. Cats   9:00 AM   Beasley West  
    144594 Dogs vs. Racoons   10:30 AM   Pele North  
    144595 Squirrels vs. Skunks   10:30 AM   Beasley West  
         Auto-Email/Text Enabled     
        Auto-Email/Text Function    

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