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The League Administrator is primarily responsible for setting up the league, managing the League Officers list, and helping users with minor questions. However, the League Administrator has the powers of all the other league officers, and therefore can cover for other league officers that are out of town or otherwise unavailable.

If people have questions about using the first resort is this User Help system. It is extensive, cross-linked, and comes with an index to find help with any topic. Beyond that, the league administrator is the next avenue of support.

For other questions our technical support email address is available to the league administrator, the match secretary, and the referee coordinator. has created a Mail List for League Administrators. The list provides an online community for League Administrators to share knowledge and experience using as well as an effective way for users to make needed feature suggestions. It is a private email list; the address is

People should send their enhancement requests to the League Administrator, who should prioritize them periodically and send them to the technical support address.

Email to people who have bad email addresses will bounce to the League Administrator, who can either just delete the address from the user's profile or attempt to find out the correct address. See Adding Users for help with this.

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