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Make a REC Schedule

To make a division schedule, click on Divisions from your User Home page. Click next to the appropriate division. Click on Make Schedule in the Links Bar. A form like Figure 1 below appears.

Play Dates
• The default Start and End Dates are the same as the competition dates.
• Blackout dates are dates that you don't want to schedule on.
• Extra dates are dates that fall outside the normal schedule dates (either outside the range or on a different day of the week than is checked.

Schedule Options
• Days of the week - you can choose more than one. A full round will be scheduled every week on each of those days (NOTE: if you need to spread some games in a single round over more than one day, select the most popular day here, then use Move Games after you have saved the schedule. However, if you make extensive use of multiple days, it is recommended that you use the Traveling League Scheduler. See Make a Traveling Schedule).
• Time Between Starts (in minutes) - the default is based on age group. However, you can use any interval that works for you.
• Randomize Order of Matchups - the scheduler uses a template to generate the match ups. If you have a league where the same teams are in the division from season to season, you can use this option in order to shuffle the order in the template.

Field Usage
• The number of field slots and the time required for that age group will be displayed. Select each field and enter the times desired. When done click on . The schedule will be displayed. The Scheduling Engine attempts to achieve home and away balance, as well as some balance with time slots. If the schedule is satisfactory, there are two options for saving it:

-- Saves games on dates checked for you or other league officers to view.
-- available to view by the general public; only games on dates that are checked are saved.

If you are creating a full league schedule it is recommended that you select the Save Selected Dates option. Then you can schedule all of the divisions first and make sure that the field allocation works across the entire schedule before publishing it. If you select this option, you can later publish each division schedule by going to the Division Schedule page and clicking on under Match Secretary Functions.

You can also publish all or a group of the divisions at once. Go to Competitions, and next to the competition in the list click on . You can then select which dates to publish.

Once a division schedule has been created and saved, when viewing the division, at the bottomn of the page, you have the option to lock the division. For more information, go to Sheduling==>Lock Divisions.

You can get a printer friendly version of either the standings or the schedule by clicking on Printable Standings or Printable Schedule. You can format for landscape printing if you wish by going to File > Page Setup from your browser's menu bar.

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Play Dates
Start Date: E.g.: "4/20/02"      End Date: E.g.: "7/13/02"
  Start and End Dates may be left blank if Extra Dates are specified below
Blackout Dates: E.g.: "5/26/03, 7/4" (current year assumed if no year)
Extra Dates: E.g.: "5/12/03, 5/19"

Schedule Options
Day of Week to Schedule: SatSun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Time Between Kickoffs:    Randomize Order of Matchups    

Field Usage
You need 4 Field slots for your 8 teams.
Total field time needed: 7 hours.
Enter all times exactly as follows: "9:00 am".
Field First Game Starts At Last Game Finishes At
Figure 1

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