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Add Teams To Division

Click on the Divisions link from the user home page. Be sure the correct season and competition are selected. Click by the appropriate division. At the top of the page click on Add Teams to Division (or Add, Edit or Delete Teams for divisions in Elmination Tournaments).

By default only the teams with the same play characteristics (age group, gender, level of play) will be displayed in the selection list. Check the checkbox if you wish to select from all of the teams in the league.

NOTE: A division can have a range of age groups, in which case all the teams matching ANY age group in its range will be displayed by default.

You can select multiple teams by holding down the Ctrl key (or Apple key on a Mac) as you click. Teams previously added to the division will not be displayed.

When you have selected the teams, click on . A list of the teams in that division will be displayed. You can edit or remove a team from the division by clicking on the appropriate button next to the team on the Divisions page.

It is also possible to import teams directly into a division while importing a schedule, using a tab-delimited data file. You can do so from the Division page by clicking on Import Schedule at the top of the page. For information on the specifications for importing data, see the Import Data page.

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