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Game Reports & Reporting Results

If permitted by the league, referees can report results and make game reports. Go to Games I Refereed and then click on Make Report.

Results reported by the referee are considered final, and override results entered by coaches. Game Reports can be viewed by the Referee Coordinator and the League President.

In addition to results, you can make the following types of game reports:
Yellow Card
Red Card

Yellow Card and Red Card reports will automatically generate email to the Referee Coordinator and the League President.

NOTE: Some leagues require that at least one referee report results for the referee crew to be paid for the game. This is an option in that can be set by the Referee Coordinator so that the pay is not included in the payment report when results have not been reported. To see whether your league uses this option, go to Games I Refereed. There will be a note at the bottom of the legend if reporting is required.

In addition, leagues may also have other requirements when making game reports:

  1. They may require that you check team rosters and/or player passes when you make a report.
  2. They may require that you rate the behavior of team coachs, parents and players.
If either of these are required by your league, there will be additional forms on the Game Report page to support those requirements.

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