TASL Spring 2023 Season League Play
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Tidewater Area Soccer League

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U9 Boys Surf Division

VBC 2014/2015 Boys
CUSC 2014B Blue
Rush 2014B White
CUSC 2014B White
CSC Galaxy
Va Legacy Peninsula Wizards
Beach FC Sounders
Beach FC Timbers
Va Legacy Williamsburg Wizards

  U9 Boys Sand Division

Rush 14B DA Blue
Rush 2014B Grey
CUSC 2014B Rangers
CSL Churchland Chargers
Beach FC Fire
Smithfield Lightning
VIP United Lions
Beach FC Red Raiders
Beach FC Revolution
Suffolk Strikers
CSC Venom
Beach FC Warriors
CUSC Warriors

  U9 Boys Sky Division

Rush 14B Blue Knights
CUSC 2014B Stars
ODSC Inferno
CSC Lightning
Beach FC Strikers
Beach FC Timber Wolves
ODSC Venom

  U9 Boys Sun Division

Rush 14B Redemption
CUSC 2014B Strikers
Arsenal FC AFCADV2014B01
Beach FC Crew
VBC DA 2014
Beach FC Falcons
ODSC Mini Raptors
Baystars Tiger Sharks
Beach FC Union

  U10 Boys Surf Division

Rush 13B White
CUSC 2013B Lions
CSC Destroyers
Rush Heat
Carolina Lightning
Rush Pen Next
Va Legacy Pen Wizards
Beach FC Storm
Va Legacy Wm Wizards Black

U10 Boys Sand Division

ODSC 2013 Spartans
CUSC 2013B Avengers
CUSC 2013B Stripes
Rush Cobras
Beach FC Jaguars
WBSC Lightning
CSC New Team
CUSC Panthers
TSA Select
Beach FC Sharks
Baystars Threshers
WBSC Tornadoes
Beach FC Wolfpack

  U11 Boys Surf Division

CUSC 2012 B Regulators
Smithfield Blazers
Beach FC Cheetahs
Beach FC Fusion
CSL Hurricanes

  U11 Boys Sand Division

Rush 12B Crush
Arsenal FC AFCADV2012B01
ODSC Avengers
Beach FC Breakers
CUSC Bulls
Suffolk Seawolves
VIP United Stingrays

  U11 Boys Sky Division

VBC 2012 DA Boys
TSA 2012 Select
CUSC 2012B Daredevils
Arsenal FC AFCADV2012B02
ODSC Rampage

  U11 Boys Sun Division

Beach FC Barcelona
Baystars Captains
Suffolk Knights
Beach FC Mariners
Beach FC Norfolk United 2012

U12 Boys Sand Division

Rush 11B Pen Next
Rush 11B Sounders
CSL Churchland Crush
Beach FC Destroyers
Beach FC Dune Devils
CUSC Monarchs
Beach FC Norfolk Night Herons
CUSC Sharks
Rush United
CSC Vipers

  U12 Boys Sky Division

TSA 2011 Select
CSC Arsenal
Rush Lockwood
CUSC Red Devils
WBSC Red Dragons
Beach FC Scorpions
Beach FC Titans

  U12 Boys Sun Division

Rush Blues
Beach FC Flames
Beach FC Lightning
Carolina Lightning
Baystars Ospreys
Beach FC Phoenix

  U13 Boys Surf Division

Rush FC Tigers
Beach FC Fuego FC
Beach FC Grizzlies
Smithfield Scorchers
Beach FC Vipers

  U13 Boys Sand Division

Rush 10B Sharks
Rush Hurricanes
Carolina Lightning
Suffolk Raptors

U13 Boys Sun Division

CSC Arsenal
WBSC El Diablo
Smithfield Hotspurs
CSL United
Beach FC VB Gunners

  U14 Boys Surf Division

Baystars Admirals
Smithfield Arsenal RED
Rush Kickers
Beach FC Norfolk Hornets
WBSC Swarm

  U14 Boys Sand Division

TSA 2009 9/10 Premier
Beach FC Howlers
Beach FC Lightning
Beach FC Riptide
CSC Scorpions
Suffolk Tsunamis

  U14 Boys Sun Division

ODSC Cobras
Rush Predators
CUSC Storm
CSL Titans

  U15 Boys Surf Division

CUSC Celtic FC
Beach FC Destroyers
Beach FC Fire
Suffolk Rampage
Beach FC Wolves

U16 Boys Surf Division

Rush 07B Barcelona
Arsenal FC AFCADV2007B02
CUSC Alliance
Suffolk Arsenal
Beach FC Bananas
Carolina Lightning
Rush Matadors
CSL Raptors

  U17/19 Boys Surf Division

Rush 06/04 Titans
Beach FC Bull Sharks
Beach FC Flames
Beach FC Galaxy
ODSC Hooligans
CUSC Monarchs
CSL Stonebridge Titans

  U9 Girls Surf Division

CUSC 14G Black
Rush 14G DA Grey
Rush 14G Da Blue
Beach FC Courage
Beach FC Freedom
VA Reign FC Gold Rodman
Beach FC Power
Beach FC Spirit

  U9 Girls Sand Division

Rush 14G DA White
Rush 14G Eagles
CUSC 14G Galaxy FC
CSC 2014G Galaxy FC
VA Reign FC Gold Pugh
VA Reign FC Gold Sonnett
CSL Orange Crushers
Rush Skittles
Beach FC Tidal Wave

  U10 Girls Surf Division

Rush 13G Liberty
CSL Honey Badgers
Suffolk Sting
Baystars Stingrays

U10 Girls Sand Division

Rush 13G Girl Power
Rush 13G Skittles
Arsenal FC AFCADV2013G01
Beach FC Dolphins
Beach FC Flamingo United
CUSC HERicanes

  U11 Girls Sand Division

Rush 12G Azul
Beach FC Daises
Beach FC Majestic
VIP United Sea Dragons
Baystars Terrapins
CUSC Tigers

  U11 Girls Sun Division

Rush 12G Blue Devils
Rush 13G DA White
VA Reign FC Black
Rush Blue Jays
CUSC Dragons
CSC Wildcats

  U12 Girls Surf Division

Rush 11G Lions
CUSC 11G Wolves
VBC 2011 Girls
Arsenal FC AFCADV2011G01
VA Reign FC Black
Beach FC Dragons
CSL Flames
Rush Lightning
Smithfield Sparks
Baystars Swordfish

  U13 Girls Sand Division

Rush 10G Cheetahs
Beach FC Hawks
Suffolk Heat
Beach FC Hurricanes
CUSC Infinity
CSL Sirens

U13 Girls Sun Division

Rush 10G SeaGoals
Rush 11G Nero
Beach FC Hot Wings
CSC Lady Jaguars
Beach FC Norfolk Sistren

  U14/15 Girls Sand Division

VA Reign FC Black
Smithfield Dynamite
Beach FC Explosion
Baystars Marlins
CSL Storm

  U14/15 Girls Sun Division

Rush 09G Lightning Strikers
Rush Blue Devils
Beach FC Dynamo
Beach FC Nebula
CUSC Surge
Beach FC Warriors

  U16 Girls Sand Division

Rush 07G Blue Angels
CSL Blaze
Suffolk Fury
Carolina Lightning
Beach FC Odyssey

  U17/19 Girls Surf Division

Beach FC Fusion
Smithfield Inferno
Beach FC Phoenix
Beach FC Storm
Suffolk Storm

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